🍪 OpenAI brings all the nerds to the yard

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In the oven this week:

  • 🤖 GPT-4 is here

  • 🍪 Cookie crumbs: 5 bite-sized headlines

  • 🗳️ Poll of the week: is ChatGPT overhyped?

  • 🍫 Chocolate chips: our 3 favorite finds of the week

  • 😂 Snickerdoodles: meme-gens unite



The Coachella for nerds just happened this week.

OpenAI hosted a developer demo for GPT-4, the newest version of their deep learning model.

And their milkshake brought all the nerds to the yard.

Were we one of said nerds?

Yes. Let’s not talk about it.

Here were the best use cases we saw:

A visual assistant for the blind that can analyze and describe the world through your camera:

A language tutor that can explain exactly why you suck at Spanish:

Drug discovery:

Build a website from a hand drawn sketch:

Passing all the exams:

Turn a paper you’ve written into a full blown slide deck:

Whether the accuracy has caught up is still TBD, but it’s still pretty damn impressive. They're also killing it in the enterprise adoption race by being first to market. This could prove a tough lead to beat unless Google can outcompete on price or product.

ChatGPT's retention looks pretty good too given how many users it has (>100M). A third of people still using it 10 weeks after they first discovered it:

Google who???



Big news: Uber, Lyft, and all the delivery companies won their case in court. They can keep classifying drivers as independent contractors (instead of employees, which would have basically put them out of business).

Meta’s back at the layoff game - it’s getting rid of another 10K employees and closing 5K open job recs. Apparently it’s also ending free laundry in the office. When Zuck says it’s the “year of efficiency,” ya better be quivering in fear.

Spotify gets a redesign, with discovery features that focus on individual content over full playlists. Now it’s part TikTok, part Youtube, part Instagram.

You know how money can’t buy you happiness? Well turns out, it can. This week, researchers found that happiness doesn’t plateau after $75K - it keeps rising as people make more money. TLDR: money ain’t everything, but we’d rather cry in a Ferrari than a Honda.

If you feel bad about not getting into Harvard, now you don’t have to. Apparently 43% of white students are legacy, athletes, or related to staff. Go home and report back to mom and dad.



Lately it feels like we can't get away from AI. The internet has exploded with tweets about how life as we know it is forever changed. Kinda feels familiar.... *COUGH* crypto *COUGH*Is ChatGPT overhyped?

Sound off 👇🏽

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That's all we got for ya this week, folks. See ya next Thursday!

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