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Happy Thursday, friends. Remember me?? 

I know, it was a bad time to get sick. 

Sam getting fired from OpenAI, CZ pleading guilty to money laundering charges, Mark Cuban leaving Shark Tank, Thanksgiving with my 7 aunts - all the damn drama happened while I was gone!!

I’m sorry, I left ya in the dust. But don’t worry, I was hoarding all the good memes for ya from bed. 

So let’s get to the good stuff.

In the oven this week:

  • 🤖 Gemini is finally here 

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Well ladies and gentlemen - it’s finally here. 

No, not the early bird special at Arby’s. 

Google finally released Gemini. 

They’re calling it their “most capable AI model” and there are 3 versions of it (size ascending): 

  1. Gemini Nano, which is now running on device on Pixel 8 Pro devices (mostly used for stuff like smart replies or summarization) 

  2. Gemini Pro, which is baked into Bard now, and available to everyone

  3. Gemini Ultra, which is being tested with select Bard Advanced users and will roll out more broadly next year

Sounds like they took some naming tips from Apple… what’s next, the Gemini Pro Max?? 

Gemini’s a multimodal model, which means that it understands text, images, and videos - Google has a demo of it, which is actually pretty cool:

Alright alright, but how does it fare against other models? 

The main thing to know is that the Ultra version beats all existing AI models. 

Yup, it’s the new big boss in town.

It scored 90% on an industry-standard benchmark called MMLU (massive multitask language understanding). This benchmark comes from a set of tests that measure the performance of models on tasks involving logical fallacies, moral problems in everyday scenarios, medical issues, economics and geography, even multiple choice questions on physics.

This is the first time AI has beaten humans at the test, and is the highest score for any existing model. Here’s how everyone else did on the same test: 

  • GPT-4: 87%

  • LLAMA-2: 68% 

  • Claude 2: 78.5%  

Interestingly, it’s not a huge leap over GPT-4. And the mid-range Pro version of Gemini beats OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, but not GPT-4.



Does it live up to the hype? 


After it got postponed a bunch of times and even got Sergey to come back to work on it, we expected a huge breakthrough, not just a slightly better version of GPT-4. 

Seems like investors felt the same way, since Google stock has stayed flat since the announcement.

Guess we’ll all have to keep waiting…



Alright let’s hear it friends, are you team Bard or team OpenAI? What are you using these days?

Sound off 👇🏽

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Harvest those losses, friends. It’s our time to shine.



In this week’s outrageous Elon behavior, he told advertisers boycotting X to go f* themselves at a DealBook conference. He claims that advertisers pulling their ads from X are blackmailing him and called out Disney CEO Bob Iger. 

Spotify wrapped up the year by cutting 17% of their employees, it’s third round of layoffs this year. Not exactly the kinda Spotify Wrapped we were expecting…

Bitcoin passed $40K this week, marking the first time it's crossed the threshold since the whole Luna debacle went down last year. 👀And when bitcoin rips, everything else in crypto does too. ETH is up 20% in the last month, and SOL is up 60% in the last month.

Cybertrucks are finally here ...kinda. Tesla held a cybertruck delivery event where they handed over the first cybertrucks over to a small group of customers. The cheapest model gets 250 miles of range and retails for $60,990, but won't be available until 2025. Elon just wanted to show the haters it was real 😂

X.AI just filed to raise $1B. We want whatever time management app Elon is using…

Instagram released a Gen Z trends report, with a bunch of fun insights. Gen Z’s top icks across all countries: 1. chewing with your mouth open and 2. bad taste in memes. Have you ever heard anything more Gen Z??



A little sprinkle sprinkle: 



we’d like to report a murder 😂



That's all we got for ya this week, folks. See ya next Thursday!

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