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In the oven this week:

  • 🤖 Google’s back

  • 🗳️ Poll of the week: Bard vs. ChatGPT

  • 🍪 Cookie crumbs: 5 bite-sized headlines + a cool gig

  • 🐤 Tweet of the week

  • 🍫 Chocolate chips: our 3 favorite finds

  • 😂 Snickerdoodles: memes galore



It’s Thursday. Aka: that day of the week when everyone’s just trying to haul their lifeless body over to Friday.

The only people not in need of a stiff drink this week?

Google employees.

These guys are walkin’ around with a new spring in their step, cause their company stock shot up almost 15% this week.

Suddenly, they're lords amongst peasants.

What happened?

AI. And lots of it.

Google hosted Google I/O, their big annual conference where they announced a ton of new products. And let’s just say, investors ate it up.

We trekked all the way down to Mountain View for the event and took a real time photo of what went down:

They launched over 100 features, but here’s the top 5 most useful and interesting ones:

1. Bard is getting more visual - it can now show you photos in its responses and take photo inputs too. It's also getting plugins, just like ChatGPT.

2. Google is introducing Search Labs, where you can sign up to see AI summaries shown directly above the results in Google search.

3. AI is getting integrated everywhere: it's now embedded into classic Google products like Search, Docs, and Gmail. You can export Bard generated emails to Gmail, or in Slides, generate an image and plop it directly into your presentation:

4. A new Immersive View in Google Maps lets you visualize every segment of your journey before you go. The anxious drivers in LA just need some reassurance sometimes.

5. AI can now make complex photo edits, with a new tool called Magic Editor in Google Photos. Cause grey skies aren't photogenic enough for IG:

The whole event was just what the doctor ordered after their initial dumpster fire Bard launch.

Sundar is sleepin' good this week 💆🏻‍♂️.



After I/O, everyone's chirping about Bard. And in our last AI poll, 64% of y'all said you use these AI chatbots. So now, we gotta know: with these latest Bard updates, which chatbot are you using more?

Sound off 👇🏽

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Montana becomes the first state to ban TikTok. Zuck is badabababaaa - lovin' it.

Sam Altman testified before the Senate on Tuesday about what else? AI. TLDR: it was kind of a love fest. Sam wants AI regulation and is ready to work with the government to figure out how to fight bad actors, misinformation, and potential abuse. Are ya even a big tech CEO these days if you haven’t testified in front of the Senate?

Elon’s got a new chief Twit. Linda Yaccarino (advertising exec from NBCUniversal and previously Turner Broadcasting) will be Twitter's new CEO. Twitter needs her ad chops to make that dough. Elon also ain't going anywhere - he'll still be head of product design and technology.

Remember Martin Shkreli? Pharma bro? Most hated man in America?? The guy’s been out of prison for a bit now and is launching an AI physician chatbot called Dr. Gupta for humans and Dr. McGrath for pets.

You know all those email addresses you made in 5th grade? Well Google is comin’ for ‘em. They’re deleting all data and content associated with accounts that have been inactive for 2+ years. So if you wanna keep [email protected], you better log back in soon.



A pretty awesome idea - someone figured out that because PPP loans are for 2.5 months of payroll, they could use the loan amounts to estimate revenue and find potential businesses to buy.







That's all we got for ya this week, folks. See ya next Thursday!

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