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  • 🍪 MrBeast is looking for investors, plus an alpha alert

🍪 MrBeast is looking for investors, plus an alpha alert

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In the oven this week:

  • 💰 Mr. Beast could be Youtube’s first billionaire


  • 🍪 Cookie crumbs: 5 bite-sized treats

  • 🍫 Chocolate chips: our favorite finds to help you crush life

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MrBeast. Lord of the Christmas lights. Keeper of the best mustache of all Youtubers. A real life burger king.

If you don’t know who he is, let me give you the crib sheet.

MrBeast is:

And if that weren’t enough, the guy’s now raising $150M for his business at a 1.5 billion dollar valuation. Outside of his **EIGHTEEN** Youtube channels, he’s started a few other businesses:

  • Feastables, a snacks business, last valued at $50M

  • MrBeast Burger, a ghost kitchen also making millions

  • A physical restaurant for MrBeast Burger

All I know is, I need whatever time management app he’s using.

Now, why would investors care?

  1. Creators can generally have pretty good margins. If you post a video, you work for it once, but it earns for months and potentially years after you post it

  2. Once you have a sizable audience, it becomes a lot easier to grow and monetize. You create a piece of content that builds an audience, who you can then push products to and in turn get more eyeballs on your content to grow your audience - it’s a reinforcing system

But is MrBeast really worth 1.5B?

We’ll be watching how this one plays out 👀



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We’re Bite Sized Beta, but we got room for some bite sized alpha too.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s just say - sometimes you come across a deal so sweet it leaves you wondering if it’s already Black Friday. Kinda like when mom does your chores AND says you can have dessert tonight.

And before y’all come at me, THIS AIN’T FINANCIAL ADVICE, YA HYENAS!!

Ok, now here’s the punchline:

The US Treasury sold a record $979m of Series I bonds last Friday.

Wtf are Series I bonds, you ask?

Think of a bond as you lending the government money. The government agrees to pay ya back later, plus interest.

These Series I bonds are designed to protect you from inflation, so they earn a fixed rate of interest based on inflation rates (when inflation is high, you earn more interest).

The best part? You don't pay state/local income tax on the gains.

The interest rate changes every 6 months, and until last Friday, it was a whopping 9.62%. Earlier this week, it was adjusted to 6.89%, which still ain’t bad if you take a look at how our NFTs are doing.

Alright, so it sounds like a suspiciously sweet deal. What’s the catch?

  • You can only buy $10,000 of them a year, plus another $5,000 with your tax refund, so $15,000 per person/year

  • You can’t cash out within a year

  • If you cash out between 1-5 years, you forfeit 3 months of interest

That’s it.

Alpha fairy, out.



It’s earnings season for all the big boys and tech is getting clobbered. GOOGL down 10%, MSFT and ABNB both down 8%, AMZN down 11%, and META down 25% since earnings last week. RIP employee comp. Imagine seeing your vested stock lose 70% of its value from just a year ago ☠️

Google's testing new shopping features to help you get a better deal on products you're searching for. Now you'll see when stores have active coupon codes and sales, and be able to more easily price compare across retailers carrying the same product. AKA no more giving your computer viruses from digging for random promo codes on sketchy sites.

Elon's cleaning house at Twitter and it's madness. He fired the board & a bunch of top execs, and is now in a "war room" with advisors from all his other companies to think of new product ideas for Twitter (like charging $8 for a blue checkmark). Meanwhile, at Twitter HQ, engineers are being asked to print out their last 30-60 days of code so they can show it to Elon himself. Yeah, you could say things are moving quick over there…

Gmail is launching a nifty package tracking feature in your inbox for the holidays, just in time for Black Friday. Now you’ll be able to see when the package arrives without clicking into those tracking links.

Dogowners beware - apparently dogs get jealous when their owners interact with other dogs. They can even get jealous just thinking about it. 



Some golden nuggets for life:



Add a sprinkle of ignorance to your lunch today, folks.



That's all for this week, see ya next Thursday, friends!

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